Clement Marfo

Clement Marfo Mobo Awards 2012 advertisement

With the expansion of internet, advertising video have gained momentum in the on-line world. The reason for their popularity lies in the fact that they have an edge over videos produced for television audience. They can be made to reach a target audience at the simple click of a button. Besides, their shelf-life is unlimited, which enables you to view it as many times as you wish.

Regardless whether it is made for Broadcast TV, on-line social networks, viral videos or for display in public places, our commercials have one thing in common: The people watching them will remember what they saw – and that means, they will remember your product as well as your company. Stay in their minds by showing them how creative and innovative you are, and  show off your technology, services or products with commercials that leave a lasting impression in the consumer’s mind.

Making of Advertisement Videos

Advertising videos can be made to achieve several purposes of a business, ranging from giving a demonstration, imparting education and launching a product. Advertising video production is affordable to businesses of all kinds and types.




Clement Marfo

Clement Marfo Mobo Awards 2012 Advertisement

Every business today wants to circulate its video amongst a larger audience in the shortest possible time, but this becomes possible only if a video is of viral nature. Giving a viral touch to a video is the specialised job of a video advertising company, after all they can make the video generate special emotions to the viewers and make them do what they solicit them to do.

We want to know everything about your business, your line of work, your products, your philosophy. You will provide us with the aim of the commercial, the purpose, the target group you are aiming at, the medium the commercial will be aired through, and how you want the commercial to feel and look like. We will listen to your ideas about the commercial, and ask you about your vision for it. It’s important that we know as much about your company and the product as possible – our inspiration and creative force will be focused more effectively.

We then give you feedback on your idea, make suggestions and brainstorm with you how we could improve the idea or build on it, our experience in design and storytelling will provide you with knowledge that lets you consider all factors and make the right decision about the content of the commercial.

Below are some companies we have worked with :



This was the MOBO Tour 2012 poster.

The MOBO Tour Logo

Mobo Tour Logo


Mobo Tour Logo


Urban Development Logo







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