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Thank you for showing interest in Phatline Productions. Our business is founded, owned and run by Ashur Yelda.

You’re a musical artist, we’re visual artists. Your fans are hungry to see what they can hear, and we’re here to produce a stunning music video that compliments the listening experience and express your song in even more layers. Your vibe, rhythm and melody will merge with the lyrics and message of your song to one beautifully orchestrated visual spectacle. We love to meet other artists, we’re on the same wavelength.

Fifth Gear video shoot

Fifth Gear D-Rymez & Joe Black

Fifth Gear video shoot

Fifth Gear D-Rymez & Joe Black









Paradise video shoot

Paradise video shoot in Greece (Kos)

'LET ME BE' video shoot west London

‘LET ME BE’ Benny Banks video shoot west London










As a client, you can expect to…

  • Work with one of our in-house producers, who will manage your production from start to finish
  • Receive a surprisingly high level of customer service
  • Any concerns are addressed promptly
  • Confidentiality maintained at all times
  • Get an excellent return on investment




What made you write that song? What role does the melody play? What did you want to express with it? What emotions does it evoke? Who is that song, what is its character, what are its strengths? We analyse your song together, look at it from different angles, listen to your motivations and thinking behind the piece. It’s absolutely integral for us that we understand why you made that song, and what the personality of the song is – a music video that just looks good is meaningless, it must support the song on so many different layers… and the earlier we understand the true essence of your song, the earlier we can base all future creative decisions on the song’s true personality. Also, we want to know about you – the artist or band – and who you are, what your previous works were, what you plan in the future; if you want to build a style throughout your music videos or if you want them to be radically different from each other.

A*M*E at her video shoot

A*M*E at her video shoot

'FLY BOY' music video

‘FLY BOY’ music video


  1. Video Production
    Depending on the complexity of the music video, we will spend one to multiple days for the actual filming of your video. We use a wide range of equipment which includes Steadi Cams, Tracks/Dolly, Camera Cranes, Car Mounts, x3 full HD Cameras, Lights, Ring Lights etc. We will fill most of the creative lead positions like cinematography, directing or producing and make sure the music video gets realised and shot exactly how we imagined it together with you.
  2. Post Production
    After the video is shot, we will show you two edits. With each we will go through a feedback loop with you. The film will be synced to the music, any necessary extra soundbites will be recorded and we will go through Visual Effects and Color Correction – all within Phatline Productions. That way, you can be sure that the story, the footage and the post production all have the same signature and style. Your music video will feel powerful, directional and – of course – fit to your song.


Final Cut

Final Cut Pro


After Effects








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